Career Management

Career Management

Career management is the lifelong process of investing on your own self to achieve your career goals. Career management is not a singular event but a continuing process, and no one other than you can manage your career. You own the responsibility to manage your own career. Career Management is a necessity for adapting to the changing demands of today’s competitive business world. Whether we are in the early phase of our work life or a seasoned professional, we all understand that we need to be responsible for our careers, however what we may not know is what career management is and how we do it!

This section of TechnoFunc website looks at tools and approaches you can use to manage your career successfully. Articles and video tutorials under this section help you to develop your career in various ways. We start with helping you explore what you want to do with your career, what are your career preferences and how to future proof your career and to get ready for your next promotion.

Job Levels in Indian IT Industry

This slide provides a snapshot of various professional levels at which different professionals find themselves in Indian IT Industry. Number of years of experience are matched to their current expected levels as per a study conducted by NSDC India.

Profile of Professionals Employed in Indian IT Industry

Learn about the profile of professionals employed in Indian IT Industry as per a study conducted by NSDC. This provides an insight about various levels at which professionals are working in India based on their number of years of experience.

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