Automotive Domain

Automotive Domain

e automotive industry is the industry of automobiles. It is the industry that designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells motor vehicles, and is one of the earth's most important and largest economic sectors by revenue. The term automotive industry usually does not include industries dedicated to automobiles after delivery to the customer, such as repair shops and motor fuel filling stations. Here we will learn about the overview, dynamics and challenges facing this industry.

Overview of Automotive Industry

automativeFirst automobile with petrol engine was built on 1885 and soon the figure for total cars in the world will be touching a mark of 1000 million cars and light trucks. This article presents a quick overview of what we mean with Automative Industry and how it started and what is the scale of this industry today.

History of Automotive Industry

automotive2Study of the automotive industry is inherently interesting: it is massive, it is competitive, and it is just few years older than a century. It is expected to undergo major changes in recent times due to the impact of globalization, increased regulations because of environmental concerns and rising fossil fuel prices due to decreasing oil reserves.

Automotive Industry: Industry Sectors

Carparts25In this article we will discuss the business sectors of the automotive industry. We will understand the major sectors in the automotive industry and the role they play and their impact on the industry. The major business sectors of automotive industry are suppliers, auto-manufacturers and auto dealerships.

Automotive Industry: The Key Industry Drivers

businessdriversThere are four key business drivers that impact the automotive industry: economic conditions, consumer preferences, government, and technological advances. Globalization is also influencing industry to a great extent. In this article we will discuss in detail about each of these business drivers.

Automotive Industry Supply & Value Chain

auto manufactureMost of the automotive manufacturers employ a business model that demands collaboration between different assemblers and cadre of parts suppliers with a lean, flexible, just-in-time (JIT) assembly process. In this article we will discuss the business model of typical automotive manufacturer and the various stages from planning to final retailing of the product.

Automotive Industry: The Competitive Landscape

competitionIn this article we will discusses the top key competitors in the automotive industry. This will help you gain understanding of the major players in automotive industry. We will start with a brief history of the major players, their competitive advantage and financial profiles in this section.

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