Procure to Pay

Procure to Pay

TechnoFunc – The institute enabling Information Technology professionals gain functional, domain and leadership expertise presents next tutorial on functional knowledge. This tutorial covers the overview of Accounts Payable and helps you Learn the concept of Accounts Payable Process and its role in any automated accounting package. Stay tuned to learn the key functional areas of Accounts Payable.

In this section we will explore functional knowledge pertaining to Accounts Payable.

Import Export Documents

This article discusses the key documents that gets generated during the import/export process. These documents may apply to both invoice to cash as well as order to cash cycles. Also learn the major custom docments for India.

Accounts Payable System

We need a strong payables process so that it provides us with a high-productivity accounting solution to process vendor payments. An integrated payables process provides strong financial control so you can prevent duplicate payments, pay for only the goods and services you order and receive, and maximize supplier discounts.  Understand the key features of an effective accounts payable system.

Accounts Payable Documents

This article discusses the documents that gets generated during the procure to pay process. Undestand why these documents are created, what is their business significance and how they are handled and generated using ERP or automated systems.

Account Payable Process

Understand the Accounts Payable process. Understand the AP cycle and the various tasks that need to be completed during AP transaction processing. Learn the key activities and setups that are done in any typical system during the AP processing.

Accounts Payable Definition

Understand what we mean by accounts payable. Why the process is called accounts payable and what are the other names by which this process is known as. Download a ready recokner to keep with you.

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