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  • Showcase your business acumen
  • Boost your leadership skills
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  • Business Process knowledge is conventionally acquired through experience of performing transactional or knowledge-based work. To comply with segregation of duties, most processes get fragmented to task or activity level. Thus often professionals lack wing-to-wing understanding of the entire business process. Further, business processes are often transformed, optimized, or reengineered to achieve world class productivity. This consequentially leads to rapid change in traditional operational job content and sharpens the learning curve. There exists huge growing demand for a dynamic workforce with agility to transition from one function to another. Start your core functional knowledge development here which is based on industry best practices and emerging technologies.

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  • Professionals who understand the business and industry dynamics have a competitive advantage in these volatile and economically challenging times. Every successful professional is expected to act as an advisor or consultant, to provide strategic forward-looking advice at some point in their career. Professionals cannot transition to such roles and delight customers or employers, unless they understand the operational and environmental realities of the industry they operate in. Each industry has its own expectations, business model, sectors, inscrutable acronyms, supply and distribution chains, competitive landscape and challenges. Enhance your industry domain knowledge and gain competitive advantage for growth of your business and career.

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  • Now more than ever, companies and professionals alike, are faced with new challenges at all levels. Are you well equipped to navigate through complexities of today's demanding global business landscape? Have you carefully analyzed the business goals of your company and strategically aligned and developed your skills to support those objectives? Are you able to quantify the gap and acquire the expertise needed in competitive marketplace, necessary for career growth?

    Unfortunately, most professionals don’t have access to enabling career-enhancing resources and support to be exceptionally successful in their career. Explore our multi-level learning curriculum to enhance your leadership, strategic thinking and people management skills.

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Welcome to TechnoFunc

Build a Successful Career!

Technofunc provides skills that help professioanls create an edge to succeed in todays global and competitive marketplace.  In the modern world, three areas have emerged as a vehicle for improving financial performance of organizations and leadership development of the employees. They are domain expertise combined with understanding of functional processes and effective leadership skills. TechnoFunc is an attempt to empower today’s professionals with these three key skills to help them build an edge to succeed in their professional career.

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The Technofunc Core Team and Working Group members are volunteer professionals who are working together to take technofunctional profession to new heights in its relatively short life. ERP World has some wonderfully talented people who can contribute to take technofunctional and ERP concepts to the forefront of industry standards and make them independent of underlying technology. Making of Technofunc Community Portal is a major leap forward and represents the most exciting step in the history of the profession. Technofunc is inviting nominations from all interested and talented professionals to take part in this wonderful professional journey. This opens a door of opportunity for every technofunctional professional who wants to give back to the society. Learn More and Join Today. You need not be a paid member to be a volunteer. You can also apply for Research Associate.


Refer A Colleague

referNever has there been a better time to encourage a friend or colleague to join Technofunc Community. Cutting edge resources help Technofunc members stay ahead of the curve with direct access to the latest developments and job opportunities, world renowned training, professional networking opportunities and an unmatched community of leading Technofunctional Professionals. At Technofunc, we believe that the larger your network, the more connected you are to the Technofunctional Community.

When referring new associates to Technofunc you can:

  • Expand your Network
  • Grow the Technofunctional Profession
  • Enjoy Recognition among your peers
  • Make a Positive Impact
  • Earn Passive Income up to 500 USD
  • Earn Membership Discount Coupons
  • Earn Points which help you publish your articles at Technofunc
  • Gain Visibility and earn Medals and Rewards

Member-Get-A-Member Program:

mgamThe latest  Member-Get-A-Member (MGAM) program at Technofunc has been designed with our members' best interests in mind. The purpose of coming up with a Referral Program is to increase membership exponentially in the shortest possible time so that we can bring each and every ERP Expert from each and every part of the World within our Network. Once we are able to achieve this goal we will be able to earn the due respect which our Profession deserves through our portal Technofunc. Here is how the Referral Program will work:

  • Our members are our most valuable resource, and for each referral that joins Technofunc as an Associate, we will track your name and as soon as your referral gets placed by Institute at any time in future, you will receive a credit of 100 US $.
  • Every Member is allowed to recommend only a maximum of 100 Members to prevent abuse of this scheme and you should be a Registered Associate before you can fill the Referral Form.
  • Also for each referral that joins Technofunc as paying member, you will continue to receive points which can be reimbursed towards your Annual Membership Dues!
  • With your support, we are creating greater visibility, stature and recognition as a true Profession and thank you for helping us to create a world where everyone thrives and prospers.

Contacting Referrals:

We'll contact your referrals by phone and by mail. But, remember: it's your personal contact and your personal membership story, personal HR placement benefits, that will be most meaningful to that potential member.

Fill in the Referral Form and become partner is our Success.


Part Time ERP Assignments

erp-assignmentsIf you are an ERP expert with good Technical or Functional experience, you can take advantage of working on part-time assignments in your surplus time and can generate additional revenue. Technofunc has created a huge database of ERP Consultants and mapped their skills in the ERP SKILL MATRIX. As Technofunc is an Institute started with objective of upliftment of Technofunctional Profession, we have created specialized custom databases to capture all the relevant information about your Expertise. We have identified areas where Corporates can benefit from VIRTUAL MODEL by outsourcing a part of the deliverable to the Virtual ERP Consultant who has the required skillset to deliver it FIRST TIME RIGHT. Outsourcing in parts ensures Confidentiality, Expertise, Data Security and Cost Efficiency.

Our In house team of Experts does the matching of the requirement with the required skillset and then we handover the requirements to our Virtual Associate. Virtual Consultant or Virtual Team works on the requirement and we use Teleconferencing, Video Conferencing and Virtual Collaboration Tools to collaborate with the Client. Once deliverable gets accepted by the Client, the agreed payment is released to the Associate.

How it Works?

howitworksTechnofunc has created a unique Virtual Consulting model. When you are registering on our website, you are asked to provide details about your ERP Experience. These details are captured in your Online ERP Resume. We also ask you to provide ERP specific experience including all the Third Party Systems for which you have worked on Integrations. Now as an example, when a Corporate wants to integrate some system with ERP...we search our database to find the relevant Expert. After shortlisting the probable candidates, we personal contact them to understand their individual preferences and based on our Satisfaction Score, assignment is allotted to the right candidate. When the deliverable gets accepted as per the agreed terms, payments are released to associates. Look at some of the Assignments on which you can work as a Virtual Consultant.

Virtual ERP Consultants operate remotely from their own places of business and utilize latest communication technology to deliver their ERP Expertise and Consultation to global clients. The consultants could be independent contractors who are generally self-employed or they could be employed with other organizations having surplus time available to provide consultancy in their extra time. In the ERP world they have a potential to provide specific ERP related services to clients, often for short periods.

Benefits of Virtual Consultancy:

advantage_virtualVirtual Consultants are Experts in their respective Technical or Functional areas with required understanding of business domain and employing them full-time is very expensive, Virtual ERP Consultancy Model provides opportunity to leverage their expertise without them being employees of the companies they provide services to. A virtual consultant works remotely over the Internet rather than on site at the client's location, which saves the client money on travel, lodging and office space and on the other hand provides the consultant flexibility to work from anywhere on mutually agreed time-zones.

This arrangement respects the time of the expert and helps increasing productivity resulting in cost effectiveness. This arrangement allows the flexibility to take services for a particular Deliverable/Phase/Problem from the most suitable ERP Consultant through the Technofunc Central Board. ERP Professionals can increase earnings and get paid for their expertise over and above their normal arrangement of employment.

This can be a great career enhancer leading to additional professional network, experience, exposure and a new career options. It provides one with the experience and exposure to global business people and help one learn marketing their expertise and enjoy the ability of extra steady income.

Part Time ERP Assignments:

eligibilityIn case you are interested in being able to consult or take outside work, irrespective of whether you work full-time or are self employed then you are at the right place. Take the first step and start with Registration on our portal and complete your Online ERP Resume. You can also take benefit from lots of Networking Tools available on our portal to gain visibility across ERP Community. Our Eligibility Conditions are very simple:

You should be an ERP Expert with significant actual and conceptual knowledge about ERP Technologies, (either Functional or Technical), Business Processes and ERP Implementation Methodology and be able to articulate and help others understand and implement solutions and processes based on your suggestions or guidance.  You should be willing to swing the additional hours without negative impact on your family or current employer.

If you are a ERP Expert, welcome to the world of part-time consultancy, start with Registration Process and completing your Online Technofunc Profile. In today’s economy and agile workforce, the part-time consultant is definitely a “must- try” option.


ERP Global HR Solutions

  • How do you find your dream job, an opportunity that leverages your expertise..
  • How can you find a consultant that understands ERP Environment and your passion..
  • How do you ensure you are getting paid to the best of Industry Standards..
  • How to find the next role that you are looking for, a company that shares your values & dreams..
  • How you find a HR Company that works for you, a support system that encourages you..
  • Have you grown professionally in the last few years..
  • How will you find a challenge that seems impossible..
  • How you grow to stay above your own Personal Bar which is continuously being raised..
Some Professional Questions

We are sure you must have faced all these questions at various times in your career. All the Job Boards and Consultants that exists today, most of them are not specialized in the field of ERP to understand the complex terminology of ERP. No one can read your resume and can do a Fit Gap with the Job. There exists no website specifically created to capture the resumes of ERP Specialists so that you can capture all the important information for the prospective employer. So many times you receive calls from consultants who do not understand the profile of the Job and take guidance from you rather then helping you find the best next move. 

If you are a Technofunctional or an ERP Expert - You have your own Technofunc Institute working for you and helping you to get the best deal. We work in your interest, understand your preferences and try to get you close to your Dream Job.

Why Technofunc HR Solutions! 

Your Resume is Confidential with us:


confidentialWhile you are posting your resume on a website have you ever wondered “What if my current employer finds out that I am looking for a new job?

Then you realize there is a box you can check on the job portal that says “Keep Resume Confidential”.  The job board promises to protect your identity as a confidential job seeker , only to be asked by your HR next morning "Why you might be looking to leave the company?" or to be contacted by a HR Consultant the very next day!.

When you decide to take the services from Technofunc you do not have to worry for all these situations. We are NOT a Job Board, we are a Professional Institute for ERP Experts, and we provide personalized HR Solutions to our Associates, to benefit them in their Career Progression. We do not share our database with any Employer, Consultant or HR Firm. Rather we have onboard ERP Experts who were your colleagues one time and who perform a Fit GAP once Technofunc receives HR Requirements. You have option to have both your Private and Public Resumes (Profiles). You can choose how both of them look like. Some of the key privacy rules we follow:

  • Your Private Online Resume is totally Confidential
  • It is visible to You and Technofunc...no one else
  • We do not share our Database with any Recruiters/Consultants or Corparates
  • In case of any vacancy we will personally contact you first to verify if you are interested.
  • Only on your consent, we will share your resume with the probable Employer
  • No Worries, take our word

Your Personal HR Manager:

globalhrTechnofunc Resume Building Process has been designed in such a way to capture all your preferences in terms of your Job Requirements. You have your own page of Privacy Settings where you can decide to Switch On or Off your Availability. Moreover Technofunc HR Solutions concept works on the principle of Job Fitment. Once a Job is posted which matches your SkillSets and Preferences, then only, you will be contacted by Technofunc HR Expert. If you do not want to be contacted in near future we will update your Preference.

Detailed Information about you will NOT be Shared with ANY Employer without your Explicit Consent on Mail or Telephone. Our HR Managers are Experts and they have worked as Consultants like you and they completely understand the Dynamics you work in.

E2E - Expert to Expert:

e2eTechnofunc is Dedicated to the Technofunctional Professionals by creating opportunities to grow by optimum utilization of their time and talent with flexibility and work-life balance. Technofunc utilizes Virtual Management to provide innovative solutions across globe. We help experts to become adept in both technical and functional expertise. We are helping technical and functional ERP experts to Maximize their Gains by utilizing their Expertise and Surplus Time to provide Virtual Consulting to a large number of organizations who need their experience. We act as a bridge between experts with Knowledge and Corporates who require expertise and experience. Our unique model helps experts to gain income in their surplus time without compromising on their Flexibility.

Actively Pursuing Change:

change2As a matter of Rule we check the available profiles against the Job Requirements but we received a lot of requests where the professionals asked us to do the HR Consultancy for them. Recognizing the fact, that we already have all the infrastructure in place we started this feature to announce your availability to new offers. If you are actively pursuing change and want to change your current job in Short Term please let us know by filling the Pursuing Change Form. Once you submit this form we start looking for a suitable fit for you and work exclusively in your interest.  When you are interested in something better, or a more challenging assignment or a profile with different set of responsibilities, this is the place to tell us.


ERP Virtual Consulting


We are offering Virtual ERP Consulting as a professional Project Management & Program Management Consultancy. The Institute is building over the years a leading force of ERP Experts with experience on numerous major programs and implementations, who are committed to work under the new virtual model. As a result of our innovative and ‘virtual’ business model, Technofunc is able to offer clients flexible, results-orientated ERP Implementation and Consulting Solutions. Learn More about Our Solutions!

Our unique cost effective, networking business model, which provides us with a talent pool of almost limitless variety and experience of ERP Consulting Experts, enable us to offer Solutions that are Virtual, On Demand, Fully Scalable, Tailored, Customized and Flexible based on Clients specific requirements.

How it Works?

how it works?

In our Virtual Consultancy Model, Engagement Leaders who are ERP Experts and full time associated with Technofunc are assigned to each Project/Program based on the size, scope, complexity and requirements. They in turn build their own Virtual Project Teams to suit the specific requirements of clients at any location and for the duration of the project in close association with the Client. The Virtual Project Team includes experts who are full time contractors or interested in Part Time Assignments, and, the Engagement Leaders acts as the Coordinators, Project Managers and Single Point of Contact for the Client.

Engagement Leaders ensure that the required Expertise and Commitment is available for the Project and Projects are delivered as per the agreed scope and timelines. Virtual nature of the team brings a lot of cost efficiency and expertise on the table, which otherwise would have been impossible to afford.

Large to Small Enterprises benefits by getting the right kind of skill-set from the meticulously composed Virtual Teams. As the next assignments are based simply on one criterion – Performance, we are able to enforce self discipline and commitment and in-turn provide best solutions. The ‘virtual’ style and approach to ERP Consulting, offers an innovative, focused and adaptable approach to projects, thus optimizing clients’ time and cost, thus enabling them to focus on their own core activities. By virtue of full time involvement of dedicated Engagement Leaders having multi-disciplinary Project Management expertise, projects are delivered on time and to the exact specifications of both local and international clients.

Technofunc constantly seeks experienced ERP Consultants to support our growing customer demand and to deliver world class Virtual Assignments. As we expand our existing talent pool, we offer our members several distinct ways to help get the varied global exposure and experience that is otherwise impossible in traditional consulting organizations. Our unique engagement models help you build your expertise on one end and convert you expertise into recurring passive or active income by supporting our Clients at the other end.

Post your ERP Resume on our website now and using our advanced ERP Public Profile start building your network with other ERP Experts.

You must take the following steps to enter into the world of Unlimited Opportunities: 

  • Register as an Associate with Technofunc 
  • Update your Latest Resume 
  • Provide Correct Contact Information
  • Complete Technofunc Verification Process (Optional)
  • Provide Availability Information 
  • Get into Agreement (Optional)
  • Earn Surplus Income 

Registration Process:

registrationRegistration with Technofunc is easy and free. All you need to do is click on the Expert's Registration Link and fill in your ERP Experience related information. The information you submit at Registration Process is part of your Private Profile and is not visible to anyone else except Technofunc admins. Once you register you can also choose to update your Public Profile and start using ERP Community, Groups and Events. However participation in community is optional. Once you log in to the site make sure that you fill in all the empty records by going to Edit Online Resume link. When you register with the Institute you get following benefits: 

  • Confidentiality - Your Data is confidential. We don't give access to our database.
  • Anonymity - Unless specified by you your name and contact details are not shared.
  • Work from Home - Our is a global virtual model...we donot need your physical presence.
  • At your Comfort - You can choose your working hours and days...complete Flexibility
  • Networking - We provide you networking opportunities with peers and experts
  • HR Solutions - You can avail personalized HR Services...Voluntary (Only if you need) 
  • ERP Community - You can participate in Technofunc Community and start building your network.

    Updating ERP Experience:

    resume1Once you have completed the Registration Process, Editing your Resume and providing all the key information about your ERP Experience is key to getting maximum Virtual Consulting Assignments. It is more important because shortlisting is done on the basis of specific requirements from the Client and your Profile will not appear in the Search Results if your information is not updated. Remember to update your resume very frequently, often after every new achievement, including working on a new module,new integration, new technology, new localization or change in the Employment or Education history. Please ensure that you fill all the relevant details in following Important Sections: 

    • ERP Modules- Provide as much information as possible.
    • Employment History - Always keep your Employement History updated.
    • Project Experience - Your project work helps us find the relevant expertise.
    • Integrations - Provide information on all the Integrations... you may get to work on same
    • Conversions -Provide details.... Conversions have a high scope
    • Localizations - Localization could be your USP... Let us know ... 

    Contact Information:

    contactEnsure that you provide us with the correct Contact Information in the Private Profile section. For all communication purposes we refer to the information provided during the Registration Process or which is available in your Private Profile. Please note that there are fields to capture Contact Information in your Public Profile, but it is totally optional for you. You can decide whether you want to provide your Contact Information in your Public Profile or not. You can also set your Privacy Options. Please ensure that in the Private Resume Section latest correct information is provided.  It is Important! 

    • Privacy- We dont share your contact information, without your explicit consent.
    • Not a JOB PORTAL - We are not a Job Portal... No Consultants/Employers browsing your Info.
    • Business - We value only serious candidates. Please don't register if you don't mean BUSINESS.
    • Telephone - Our Inhouse Experts will call you to understand your preferences.
    • Keep it Updated -If your Contact Information has changed...Please keep that updated
    • Opportunity - Every call from Technofunc to YOU is an Opportunity to EARN EXTRA 

    Technofunc Verification Process

    verificationTechnofunc Verification Process is a voluntary process, where Technofunc verifies your preferences by talking to you, we understand and document your experience and if you are selected randomly for Audit then we do a background verification limited to your Educational History and talking to your peers if permitted by you. You can voluntarily Initiate Technofunc Verification Process to increase your chances of being considered and accepted for part-time assignments. It PAYS! as getting more assignments means more money. Generally you do not need to submit Educational Proofs, in case you are selected in AUDIT PROCESS....may be, may be not. Some of the important points concerning the process are:

    • Do you do Background Check? - NO ... We donot talk to your EMPLOYERS.
    • Benefit - You are given Preference over anyone who has not Initiated verification process.
    • Opportunity - Again .. Every call from Technofunc to YOU is an Opportunity to EARN EXTRA
    • Click Here - To initiate the Verification Process now!


      Solutions for ERP Experts

      E2E Solutions for ERP Professionals!

      Technofunc is dedicated to the Technofunctional professionals by creating opportunities to grow by optimum utilization of their time and talent with flexibility and work-life balance. We are helping technical and functional ERP experts to maximize their gains by utilizing their expertise and surplus time to provide Virtual Consulting to a large number of global organizations who need their experience.  We act as a bridge between experts with Knowledge and Corporates who require expertise and experience. Our unique model helps Experts to gain income in their surplus time without compromising on their flexibility and help Corporates  access expert techno functional knowledge to solution complicated business processes.

      Virtual Consulting

      Technofunc has created a unique Virtual Consulting Model. If you are an ERP expert with good Technical or Functional experience, you can take advantage of working on assignments in your surplus time. Availing our Virtual Consultancy Services is totally anonymous and we do not publicly disclose your name without your consent. Under no circumstances unless warranted legally, we will not disclose your details to any Employers or Corporates. You have the option to have Two Profiles on our portal - Public & Private. Public is your networking and forum Profile and can be seen by anyone and you can control your Privacy also at the front-end. We have a Private Profile which is also known as Online ERP Resume which is visible only to Technofunc and You. Virtual Consulting provides Flexibility to work as per your Schedule and earn Extra Income and Get paid for your Expertise. We use virtual collaboration tools enabling Global Virtual World that is - Work from comfort of your Home. Sign Up Now! 

      Personal HR Manager


      Technofunc Institute has been specifically chartered to work towards the betterment of TechnoFunctional Professionals. Once you register with us our qualified HR manager will get in touch with you to understand your preferences. Our services are Free of Cost and we don't charge ERP Experts for any HR Services. You are assured of getting Personalized Services - specifically customized to take care of your Changing Needs. Our Placement Services are available across the globe and only for ERP Professionals. You get opportunities to work on Temporary Assignments - based on your Preferences. We provide you complete empowerment to change your preferences any time to suit your needs based on your career progression. Sign Up Now 

      Technofunctional Body of Knowledge


      tfbok2One of the major objectives of Technofunc is to develop the Technofunctional Body of Knowledge which will help both the Technical and Functional Experts to develop as Technofunctional Professionals. You can also contribute to buid TFBOK in many ways and we are accepting nominations from volunteers to help us build the knowledge base. This provides you with a unique opportunity to gain visibility across ERP World. Apply for Research Associate and contribute your expertise or work as an Author by building some Chapters or Functional Area and get recognized. You can also choose to be a Reviewer - Reviewing the content and ensuring accurancy, relevance and Industry Best Practices. Professional Recognition - Contributor's will be duly acknowledged for their work in the final published TFBOK and are also entitled to a Free Copy.

      ERP Community:


      communityThe whole essence of fulfilling the Technofunc’s dream of establishing ERP as a Profession is possible by way of Virtual Collaboration, by way of sharing amongst ourselves. Technofunc aims at enabling participation from professionals in the design and development of new ideas, processes, best practices, and services for mutual benefits. By accessing the collective intelligence and wisdom of ERP Professionals connected via the internet every Technofunc Member & Associate will be able to access knowledge and expertise that might otherwise require significant cost and effort.  Join Today and gain access to only ERP Specific Community spread across globe and start building your network. You can keep yourself updated on the latest happenings and trends happening across ERP World. This is your own Technofunc Community.

      Technofunc Forum:


      forumOur portal also provides you access to Technofunc Forum. The forum has been divided into a structure of Categories, Topics and Sub-Topics in aggregation of relevance to provide information into a coherent set of ERP, Business Process and Technology related topics which most professionals will find interesting, useful, easily navigable, and potentially profitable. Technofunc portal aspires to lift and support ERP Professionals achieve their aspirations, goals, and to be of service to the evolving profession in general. The purpose of the Technofunc Forum is to create a Technology Independent environment to share ideas related to all kind of ERP infinite topics and create a Knowledge Base that is core to the profession resulting in a Body of Knowledge jointly owned by each and every-one of us. Join Today as using Technofunc Forum we can successfully tap into a global network of ERP Intelligence and Knowledge Pool spread across ERP Products, ERP Technologies, Countries and Regions.

      Technofunc Groups:


      groupsTechnofunc Groups are a great tool for technofunctional professionals as they provide them avenues for leading discussions on a topic of interest with other members of the Technofunc Community.Using Technofucn Groups, you can build a lot of visibility for yourself and your expetise by showing thought leadership, sharing your ERP Expertise, some Best Practices created by you and grow your network within the small ERP Community. Start a new group on ERP topics, brainstorm the challanges you are facing, do collective research and tap into the collective widsom of Experts. Have a look at the existing Technofunc Groups.

      Technofunc Events:


      eventsLive events are a great way to network with others in your professional field. Human interactions helps in building strong relationships and also help you keep update with the latest happenings in your areas of interest. The question that every ERP Professional faces is what events are right for you and how to find them. Technfunc Events brings to you Live events that are going on all around you and which pertains to your Profession and your Interest. And incase you are organizing events you can use Technofunc Events to let experts all around the globe know about it. Check Technofunc Events now to see which are close to you and if they are on a topic that interests you. Share your Webinars, Training Sessions and Other Professional Events with other Experts.


      Solutions for ERP Professionals

      E2E Solutions for ERP Professionals!

      CTFI is dedicated to the Technofunctional professionals by creating opportunities to grow by optimum utilization of their time and talent with flexibility and work-life balance. We are helping technical and functional ERP experts to maximize their gains by utilizing their expertise and surplus time to provide Virtual Consulting to a large number of global organizations who need their experience.  We act as a bridge between experts with Knowledge and Corporates who require expertise and experience. Our unique model helps Experts to gain income in their surplus time without compromising on their flexibility and help Corporates  access expert techno functional knowledge to solution complicated business processes.


      CTFI has created a unique Virtual Consulting model. If you are an ERP expert with good Technical or Functional experience, you can take advantage of working on assignments in your surplus time. The major benefits are:

      Anonymity - We don't disclose your details to Corporates

      Flexibility to work as per your Schedule

      Extra Income - Get paid for your Expertise

      Global Virtual World - Work from comfort of your Home 


      CTFI Institute has been specifically chartered to work towards the betterment of TechnoFunctional Professionals. Once you register with us our qualified HR manager will get in touch with you to understand your preferences.

      Free of Cost- We don't charge ERP Experts for HR Services

      Personalized Services - Designed to take care of your Changing Needs

      Placement Services - Across the globe - Truly for ERP Professionals

      Temporary Assignments - based on your Preferences


      One of the major objectives of CTFI is to develop the Technofunctional Body of Knowledge which will help both the Technical and Functional Experts to develop as Technofunctional Professionals. Contribute to buid TFBoK:

      Research Associate - Contribute your Expertise

      Author - Build some Chapters or Functional Area and get Credit

      Reviewer - Review the content and ensure its the Best

      Professional Recognition - Contributor's will be Acknowledged

      Free Copy - Contributors are entitled to Free Copy of final TFBoK


      Useful Links