Aerospace Domain

Aerospace Domain

Aerospace comprises the atmosphere of Earth and surrounding space. Typically the term is used to refer to the industry that researches, designs, manufactures, operates, and maintains vehicles moving through air and space. Aerospace is a very diverse field, with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications. "Aerospace" can be understood as the combination of aeronautics and astronautics.

In most industrial countries, the aerospace industry is a cooperation of public and private industries. Many companies produce technical tools and components such as spaceships and satellites. Some known companies involved in space programs include Boeing, EADS, Lockheed Martin, MacDonald Dettwiler and Northrop Grumman. These companies are also involved in other areas of aerospace such as the construction of aircraft.

History of Aviation Industry

historyAn overview of the Aerospace Industry. A brief account of how modern aerospace began way back with Sir George Cayley in 1799 and the success story of Wright Brothers to todays massive international airspace developments.

Key Sectors of Aerospace and Defense Industry

aerospace sectorUnderstand the categorization of aerospace industry to various sectors based on the services it currently provides. Understand the key constituents under these sectors and activities under each of these sectors.

Application of Aviation in Military – A Short History

historyAerospace is an industry that has history of about a century in the defense space. This article discusses how the historic flight of Wright brothers in 1908 gave birth to aerospace defense industry that today employs 850K people in US only.

Civil Aviation Sector – A brief History

avaitian2Civil aviation sector has transformed itself during the last hundred years. There has been massive technological development in passenger traffic and comfort and now the civil aviation industry accounts for approximately 30% of the overall aerospace industry. A brief account of civil aviation history is presented in this article.

Civil Aerospace Sector - Sector Profile

aerospace1In this article we will discuss the four important sub-sectors of Civil Aerospace Sector namely “Civil Aircraft Manufacturing”, “Commercial Avionics”, “MRO” and “Commercial Simulation & Training”.

Civil Aerospace: Civil Aircraft Manufacturing Industry

aircraft manufactureThis article discusses sectors within the Civil Aerospace Sector and its subsectors, products and services. This article provides an overview of definition, industry products, industry activities and global locations.

Civil Aerospace: Commercial Avionics Industry

cockpitCommercial avionics refers to cockpit electronics and airborne equipment, although it doesn't include antennas, recorders, or other passenger-only cabin systems. Avionics is referred to denote the electronic systems that are utilized in aircrafts.

Civil Aerospace: Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

maintenanceThis subsector under civil aerospace industry includes the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (Known as MRO) of civil aircraft and aircraft components. This includes line and heavy maintenance of civil aircraft, as well as repair and overhaul of all parts of an aircraft, including engines, electronic components, and avionics, instruments, and aircraft structures. 

Civil Aerospace - Commercial Simulation and Training

simulationTraining people how to operate and maintain today’s sophisticated aircraft as well as on-board and ground support systems can be very complex and costly. To be effective, the training environment must accurately simulate the features and capabilities of the actual systems in a wide range of operating scenarios. Commercial modeling, visual simulation, flight simulation and computer based training are the key methods used by this subsector.

Military & Defense Aerospace Sector – Sector Profile

missileIn this article we will discuss the important sub-sectors of Military & Defense Aerospace Sector namely military aircraft manufacturing and military avionics, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), missiles, C4ISR and related services and modeling, simulation, and training.

Aerospace Industry: The Business Model

value chainIn this article we will discuss the value chain of Aerospace Industry and will define the generic business model to understand the key process areas in the aerospace industry. This will provide you with a basic understanding of key activities in the industry.

Aerospace Industry - The Competitive Landscape

competitionThis article provides an overview of the competitive landscape of aerospace industry. Read how the compaction is shaped up across US and globe, followed by a detailed discussion of top 5 players in the sector in terms of revenue.

Challenges in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

challengesNew market dynamics are dramatically changing the way A&D companies serve their customers, collaborate with partners, and take ideas and solutions to market.  Given below are several vitally important challenges that are currently confronting aerospace and defense industry and strategies to mitigate them.

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