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  • Business Process knowledge is conventionally acquired through experience of performing transactional or knowledge-based work. To comply with segregation of duties, most processes get fragmented to task or activity level. Thus often professionals lack wing-to-wing understanding of the entire business process. Further, business processes are often transformed, optimized, or reengineered to achieve world class productivity. This consequentially leads to rapid change in traditional operational job content and sharpens the learning curve. There exists huge growing demand for a dynamic workforce with agility to transition from one function to another. Start your core functional knowledge development here which is based on industry best practices and emerging technologies.

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  • Professionals who understand the business and industry dynamics have a competitive advantage in these volatile and economically challenging times. Every successful professional is expected to act as an advisor or consultant, to provide strategic forward-looking advice at some point in their career. Professionals cannot transition to such roles and delight customers or employers, unless they understand the operational and environmental realities of the industry they operate in. Each industry has its own expectations, business model, sectors, inscrutable acronyms, supply and distribution chains, competitive landscape and challenges. Enhance your industry domain knowledge and gain competitive advantage for growth of your business and career.

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  • Now more than ever, companies and professionals alike, are faced with new challenges at all levels. Are you well equipped to navigate through complexities of today's demanding global business landscape? Have you carefully analyzed the business goals of your company and strategically aligned and developed your skills to support those objectives? Are you able to quantify the gap and acquire the expertise needed in competitive marketplace, necessary for career growth?

    Unfortunately, most professionals don’t have access to enabling career-enhancing resources and support to be exceptionally successful in their career. Explore our multi-level learning curriculum to enhance your leadership, strategic thinking and people management skills.

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Oracle Alerts

In this article we will provide an overview of Oracle Alerts, its functionality and usage and how they can be setup and triggered.

  • Oracle Alert is a flexible, automated, exception management and reporting tool that can be defined to execute certain actions based on other data occurrences in the database.
  • Oracle Alert allows you to define actions to be taken when highly specific conditions/exceptions occur in the database
  • Alerts can be driven by events, or driven by a periodic schedule
  • Resulting alert actions can consist of sending email messages, manipulating data through SQL programs, or running OS scripts
  • Responses to alert email messages can be received and processed by the Oracle Alert manager
  • Alert distribution lists can be defined for email recipients.

Features of Periodic & Event Driven Alerts

  1. Event alerts are triggered to execute based on pre-defined data conditions.
  2. Periodic alerts can be configured to execute as often as you need during a 24-hour period, once per week or once per month.

Alerts consist of a CHECK and an ACTION step.

  1. The CHECK step identifies necessary data points that are further used in the ACTION step.
  2. The ACTION step can send the necessary data to an email system, or can further update database values as a result of the triggering event or the data values returned from the CHECK step.

Alert Response management:

  • Email responses can be processed by Oracle Alert.
  • Valid response values can be pre-defined by Oracle Alert.
  • Actions can be taken by Oracle Alert based on the values in the response.
  • No response or invalid values can be actioned accordingly.


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