Leadership Development Plan Template

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For IT professionals it is highly recommended to pull together their own personal leadership development plan. This provides them with a focus learning approach to concentrate on developing leadership skills along with staying abreast with technological changes.Using the leadership development plan template can provide a new career direction or new impetus for your current career as it is a plan that pulls everything together for you when it comes to personal and leadership development.

If we want to make deeper changes in our lives, we need to recognize what we do ... how we act ... how we behave and this becomes the key to lasting change and personal development as self-awareness of yourself guides your development. The leadership development plan template is firmly rooted in leadership development coaching for organizational IT leaders and IT managers. In this context, the role of coaching is to enable the It leaders to deliver what the organization needs from successful IT leaders.

You already know a great deal about yourself, but this knowledge is not well-organized unless it is written down. When you write things on paper or electronically, it forces you to focus your thoughts and energies.  The preparation work involved in this Plan will kick start you to develop the very useful practice of introspection, looking inward for guidance.

Start with a FOCUS on critical priorities and understand by self-evaluation what is it that you want to change or develop. Prioritize your development needs and shortlist top few that gives you the greatest leverage. IMPROVEMENT is a process, not an event and to have continuous development you need to have a plan. Enclosed template helps you create a detailed plan with a definite timeline and inbuilt feedback mechanism.

There is a Chinese proverb that goes like this:



If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain

If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees, 

If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.

It also helps you in identifying and eventually seeking for resources, support and opportunities that are important for your development and growth as an IT Leader. It provides you with a framework to identify what help you need for a particular competency and help you plan for that as well. When you explore your beliefs, values, interests, needs, and those experiences that have shaped your life, you can pull this together into a better understanding of who you currently are and where you want to go with your life and your career.

Finally it provides you with process to evaluate your progress. You can use this to review your progress with your leader, manager, boss, coach or mentor and helps you share learnings with other in your circle of influence.

Our leadership plan template helps you identify what you want to learn, or get better at. You can identify the top 10 most important competencies (skills, knowledge, attributes) that you want to work on in order to achieve your goal. People sometimes struggle to put a “label” on the need, so having that competency model helps us do that. You can also capture your strengths and work towards enhancing them to leverage them in addressing your other development needs.

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